Sunday, November 1, 2009


James gets to eat carrots. This boy is always hungry. It makes me feel bad when I eat because he watches my every bite.

First Halloween

We only visited a few families on Halloween, but we did have a fun party with the Bowen's. James was Mickey Mouse, he got really tired of his costume.

The Coopers, Mebius, Houghtons, and Bowens
The Cooper Family
Our Family
The Houghtons

Mud in James costume

First Disney Trip

We went to Disneyland this past week. We went 8 days, and I could have gone more. On the way down to California all the girls on the Borg side got to see KA, a Cirque De Soleil. WOW it was so amazing that I cried. I would see it again, I loved it. My grandma, Bert, Dad and Ty watched James while we went. They got to go to an Angels game in California. When we finally got to Disney James did so well. He loved the characters, and some of the rides. But he sure let us know when he was mad. We went with my family and the Snelgroves. There were two other babies, both adorable little girls. But James did not like them, I think he was jealous. When my dad would hold another baby James would get so mad. We also went to Disneyland's Halloween Party and James was Mickey Mouse. The poor kid has no chance, I am making him a Disney freak already.

We stopped in Mesquite on our way to visit Great Grandma Stratton


First time walking through the Disney Gates!!

James and Me with Chip and Dale

James' very first ride was Snow White

The poor kid was pooped.

Riding Buzz with Grandpa and Grandma

His first Mickey Ears, my parents wanted to be the first to get him these.

Pooped once again

Small World, we rode this alot, he loved it!!

He is going to pull the sword from the stone.

In line for Alice

My dad and James with his first character Chip, this is so cool because when I worked for Disney I was Chip alot.

On Winnie the Pooh with the grandparents.

Pirates, James wasn't so sure about this ride.
My mom's favorite ride Dumbo. She was the first to takes James on it.

James at the Halloween party.

Mud, Goob, and T
Dad and James
We found James a Bert doll
Our family in front of the castle.
We are pigs from space
More pigs

My family as we are leaving

Friday, September 25, 2009

Random Items About James

James started eating his first rice cereal on September 22. He is not getting full off of milk anymore. He did not like it at first, but he is getting the hang of it.

My little brother plays for Viewmont's JV football team. I made James a onesie just for his uncle T.

Random pictures of our cute little boy.

He loves hanging out with Grandpa and watching TV

He is now spitting the food back at me.

He is holding his head up so well now. Even when he lay him down he tries to lift his head up.

Daddy and James

Our happy little boy.

James usually sleeps 8 hours a night. We are so lucky. He also takes some pretty good naps. We are very blessed to have such a wonderful little boy.

James has been smiling since he was one month, but he is now giggling and it is the cutest thing ever.

My little boy cuddling with me. I better enjoy this while it lasts.

First Vacation

James went on his first vacation with the Bowen's to Yellowstone. It was hard because he had to be in his car seat for such a long time. But he loved it. It was fun to be with them and to get away. It was hard for me to be out of my comfort zone of home with him. Traveling with a baby is hard, but I had family to help.

James with his wonderful cousins, they are so cute with him.

Aunt Mitzi feeding James

I can't believe it, but I pulled in a fish for Bob. I am not a good fisherman, but I can pretend ( I have a jacket to prove it).

Jame in tall cowboy boots.

Aunt Stacey and James